The Three Massive Mistakes That Are Killing Your Love Life – Part 3 - Nick Hudis

The Three Massive Mistakes That Are Killing Your Love Life - Part 3

Letting Ostrich Run The Bedroom

Let me tell you a true story.

Dave was a thoughtful, calm loving guy. But when his partner was really turned on he’d feel overwhelmed and panicky, worried about his performance…. “It’s like she want more than I can give. Like she’ll consume me”. Dave had a problem with a fearful inner Little Boy that originated from a smothering and overbearing mother. The result: Whenever his partner got hot he’d lose his erection or come very quickly.

Things were not good. Soon he began to dread evenings in. Did he seek a solution? No. He became an Ostrich. He went into denial. He began to make excuses… “I’m tired...I’ve got a big meeting tomorrow… I think I’m getting a cold.

If negative thoughts came into his mind he’d push them away and distract himself or just think “it’ll may be be ok next time.

It wasn’t. Eventually they stopped trying. She had an affair. He’d relieve his frustrations with porn where the women were submissive. Eventually he found out. Eventually she found out. Mayhem!

The message is simple. If things are not good. Admit it. Take responsibility. Talk about it. Get help. Don’t go into denial. Don’t blame. Don’t go for a back door solution like porn or an affair. Don’t be an ostrich.

Master Lover Tip

Asking for help doesn’t make you less of a man.

If you are an Ostrich it will only get worse.

The best time to talk about sex problems is not when you are naked in bed and the emotions are raw. Fix another time go for a walk.

And when you talk, talk from you honest “I” not your blaming “You”

So for Dave its“ I get this irrational fear welling up when things get hot between us


“You make me scared when you get really turned on”

Over these three articles we’ve talked about the three mistakes most men are making that are killing their love life and how to avoid them. Getting control over Caveman and Little Boy, and not being an Ostrich can revolutionise your sex life and put you firmly on the path of the Master Lover.


Had enough of being an Ostrich?  Do you feel the call to the path of the Master Lover?

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