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The Secret Chakras of Tibetan Tantra

Advanced Sexual Energy Practice

By Nick Hudis, Author of How to Make Love to a Woman with your Soul - Sacred Sexuality for Men

The Secret Chakras are powerful gateways to amplifying and deepening the pleasure, intimacy and spiritual connection in your lovemaking.  I'm going to give a brief overview of what the Secret Chakras are, why they are important and how to work with them.

What are the Secret Chakras?

The Secret Chakras are three energy centres located within the genitals of both men and women.​

Let's just briefly say what a chakra is.  The  word means "wheel" and refers to centres of spiritual and energetic transformation within the subtle, non-physical body.  You can think of them as the organs of the subtle body.  ​Many people in the West are familiar with the Indian view of the chakras as seven centres arranged along the central axis of the body. This central axis is known as the Central Channel and is considered to be the deepest energetic pathway in the the body.  It runs from the perinium to the crown.

Other traditions view the chakras differently.  In Taoism, for example,​ there are only three chakras.  In Tibetan tantric Buddhism four chakras are typically recognized. However, some more esoteric Tibetan traditions add to these, a further three: the so called Secret Chakras.

Why are these  additional chakras secret?

​Being located in the gential area, the three Secret Chakras are involved with the amplification and transformation of sexual energy.  They are used in the most esoteric visualisations and yogas as stepping stones to experiencing the enlightened state. These practices were taught only to to the most advanced students after special initiation.  In the largely celibate, monastic culture of Tibetan Buddhism, such sexual energy practices were hidden fom ordinary monks and nuns. Hence the "Secret" Chakras.

The Seven Indian Chakras

The Four Tibetan Chakras

Where are the Secret Chakras located?

The Secret Chakras are an extension of the Central Channel into the sex organs.  The three chakras are named as the Root Secret Chakra, The Middle Secret Chakra and the Tip Secret Chakra.  Their location and the direction of energy flow is different for men and women.


I'll start with the man because he is a little easier to understand. His Secret Chakras are an outward extension of the Central Channel to the tip of the penis.

The Root Secret Chakra corresponds roughly with the root or basal chakra in the Indian system.  It is located inside the body, behind the pubic bone, roughly in the area of the prostate gland.​

The Middle Secret Chakra is located roughly half way along the shaft of the penis.

The Tip Secret Chakra is located at the tip of the penis, usually in the region of the frenulum.​


​Her Secret Chakras are an inward extension of the Central Channel deeper into her inner space.  They go in the opposite order to him.

The Tip Secret Chakra is associated with the outer parts of her sex organs, the perinium, labia and head of the clitoris.​

The Middle Secret Chakra is found within the vaginal canal.  It is associated with, but not identical to, the clitoral body and the​ G spot.

The Root Secret Chakra is found in the area of the cervix and uterus. ​

The Secret Chakras are fascinating and important

Masculine and Feminine sexual energy flows in complementary directions. The man's Secret Chakras flow from his core outwards.  Masculine sexual energy expresses itself up front and out there as a flow or expansion into the outer world.  In Taoist terms this would be described as a yang energy flow.  The woman's flow is yin and inward.  Feminine sexual energy expresses itself as receiving, as an expansion deeper into her inner space.

The Secret Chakras are about warmth, bliss and pleasure. The energy of the Secret Chakras is different to the root chakra of the Indian system. In the Indian chakra system, ​the root or basal chakra is seen as a dark, dangerous place generating primal, animalistic  drives and hungers such as survival. The Tibetan Secret Chakras are different.  They generate feelings and energies of warmth, bliss and pleasure.  They are essentially benign. 

From tip to root the Secret Chakras offer ever deepening experiences of bliss. ​ In both men and women, the Tip Secret Chakra is typically the most open and sensitive, sometimes to the point of hypersensitivity.  As the Middle and Root Secret Chakras are opened, deeper levels of orgasm, bliss and awakening are available. For the woman this corresponds to the three levels of orgasm - clitoral, vaginal and cervical.  For a man a similar journey is possible, one that opens up his potential for non-ejaculatory orgasm. 

​Opening the Secret Chakras can heal many sexual dysfunctions. A man with premature ejaculation will often be hypersensitive and over energised in his Tip Secret Chakra. Opening the Middle and Root chakras can help to draw energy out of the tip and spread the energetic charge through his body reducing the urge to ejaculate.  For a man with erectile dysfunction, energising the Middle and Root chakras can help to increase erectile strength. For a woman, work with the Secret Chakras can heal  wounding and desensitization and help her open more fully to her feminine sexual essence.

The Secret Chakras create a coherent energetic field during lovemaking. If one, or ideally both lovers, have opened the Secret Chakras, the chakras can come into alignment and create a powerfully resonant coherent energetic field which can profoundly deepen intimacy and pleasure while activating the flow of sexual energy throughout and between the lovers' bodies.  In full penetration, there is a perfect energetic conjunction - tip to root, middle to middle and root to tip.  The alignments in partial penetration have their own special qualities - tip to tip, middle to tip, tip to middle.

A coherent energetic field

How to open the Secret Chakras

Visualization and Yoga. The traditional way to open the Secret Chakras is through yogic practices involving visualizations and breathwork. The foundation for this work is a solid grounding in meditation with a good experience of resting single pointedly in stillness.  In the actual yogas, the channels, chakras and various energies are vividly visualised.  Breathwork centres around "vase breathing" with prolonged retention of the breath.

Massage. Because the Secret Chakras have close associations with the physical tissues of the genitals, yoni and lingham massage can help to open the chakras where contraction from emotional body armouring has closed them. ​A therapist who has experience of working with the Secret Chakras can feel their energetic field with his/her hands and apply appropriate touch to release contraction and facilitate opening.

​Lovemaking.  Conscious awareness of the Secret Chakras during lovemaking can help them to open. At a deeper level, a skilled lover, either man or woman, whose Secret Chakras are well energised and balanced can sense not only their own Secret Chakras but also those of their partner.  They can consciously direct energy from his/her chakras into his/her lover's to heal, balance and align.  At the deepest level, this healing can happen naturally without conscious intent.

Opening through visualisation

Opening with massage

Opening during lovemaking

Final thoughts

​This has been a brief overview of the three Secret Chakras of Tibetan tantra. There is a lot more to explore.  In particular I have not included specifics of practices involving these powerful and subtle energy centres. I hope you will be inspired with curiosity to get to know your Secret Chakras better and feel the potential they have to deepen sexual pleasure, intimacy and spiritual connection.  Simply exploring your own body and experiences in the light of this article is a place to start.  However I suggest that to go further you seek out a teacher who can share the traditional yogic practices with you.

Enjoy!... and if you feel inspired do please share this article.​

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