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The Art of Cunnilingus

​ ​​The Art of Cunnilingus…By Nick HudisAuthor of How to Make Love to a Woman with your Soul​ The other day, I found myself watching a clip from a sexual instruction DVD which gave detailed step by step instructions on how to give oral sex to a woman demonstrated with soft focus and saccharine music […]

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Loving You Loving Me

​Loving You Loving Me A pre-valentine weekend for couplesFriday 9th to Sunday 11th February ‘18Led by Kalyani Ma Mukti and Nick Hudis ​Blossom into loving connectionBring your brightest inner light to your relationshipDiscover healthy boundaries while opening deeply to receivingLoving You Loving Me is the perfect prequel to Valentine’s – a wonderful opportunity to step out […]

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My Christmas Gift For You

​My Gift to you this ChristmasHow to be less miserable at Christmas​ ​​I want to give you a Christmas gift.​But first a true story…​”…it snowed hard that Christmas Eve, a blizzard in fact. My wife’s parents arrived in the failing light. My mother-in-law thrust into my hands an enormous frozen goose that would not thaw […]

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How Porn Causes Premature Ejaculation

Porn causes premature ejaculation

​ ​How Porn Causes Premature Ejaculation ​Porn – a major cause of premature ejaculationWhat is the relationship between porn and premature ejaculation (PE).​Porn used to be something shameful. Dirty old men, top shelf magazines in newsagents, seedy cinemas down back alleys in Soho. Now it is mainstream, a multibillion dollar industry and universally accessible, often […]

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Father’s Day – Free Meditation Download

Healingthe father wound

Free GuidedMeditationHealing The Father Wound​ ​My father, Peter Hudis (1925-2008) was a deeply spiritual and creative man. An artist, craftsman, poet mountaineer and sailor.I worshiped him  and believed I could never equal his creative genius.He was also, later in life,  a Valium addict, had a severe anxiety disorder and when his “black moods” were upon […]

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