How to Last Longer In Bed – Overcome Premature Ejaculation - Nick Hudis

How To Last Longer In Bed

New Book brings hope for Premature Ejaculation


What's the biggest issue most couples have about sex?

Simply this – after all the excitement and build up it can be over too soon. Learning to last longer in bed can be a big challenge for men and the tension of trying to hold back simply makes matters worse. You can feel so inadequate if you pop before both of you are ready.

What if there was a step-by-step approach to effortless control that really works? A reliable method that not only overcomes premature ejaculation but can transform the pleasure, connection and intimacy you and your partner enjoy.

Well there is! My  new book HOW TO LAST LONGER IN BED by Nick Hudis offers this and more. As a men's mentor and intimacy coachI have studied Taoist and Tantric bedroom arts for 25 years and helped many couples experience longer and deeper intimacy. The book is based on this experience.

My revolutionary Ejaculatory Freedom Approach melds ancient wisdom and modern neuroscience. The book presents the same step-by-step methods that I use with my private clients.

How to Last Longer In Bed - new book to beat premature ejaculation

HOW TO LAST LONGER IN BED is right you have issues with premature ejaculation, or whether you simply want to be a better lover. But more than this the book is a clearly written introduction to conscious and sacred sexuality for men.

You can buy HOW TO LAST LONGER IN BED now on and as a paperback at £9.99 ($11.99) or or a Kindle edition at £7.99 ($10.41)

Click the link below to get HOW TO LAST LONGER IN BED

Nick Hudis

Mentor, transformational coach and author​

"Holding  a strong centre ground between life coach, natural health consultant and sexuality coach I work with the whole man, guiding you through the truly big challenges in life:  Identity, purpose and confidence, work, relationships, sex, health and wellbeing." 

"So I've got a string of letters after my name and 25 years in the field.... It helps being qualified and experienced.  But the most valuable thing I can share is what I have learned the hard way in my own life journey from shy Mr Nice Guy to empowered King in my own realm."  

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