Isn’t she beautiful! - Nick Hudis

Isn't she beautiful!

Isn’t she beautiful!

Totally alive, totally open, totally present, totally in her power, totally in her sexuality.

She is Yeshe Tsogyal, a female tantric Buddha. I could write a lot about her story and the symbolism of this image, but we’ll leave that for another time.

"I want you to discover that you and she are of the same essence"

I am not alone in feeling the eroticism of this image. Many years ago on a retreat, a young woman who identified as lesbian asked the Rinpoche,

“You are asking us to use this image of Yeshe Tsogyal as the object of meditation. Yet, when I look at her, I become aroused sexually. Is that OK?”

The Rinpoche smiled kindly and said, “I think you will be more motivated towards your meditation practice if you are attracted towards the object of meditation. But really I want you to discover that you and she are of the same essence.”

I learned a lot in that moment.

For me, the eroticism of the image is not simply the hormonal reaction of a man seeing a beautiful naked female form. My heart responds to her as much as my lingham. She awakens something in me. Her gaze bores into me, the intensity of her presence shakes me like an earthquake. And yet there is the smoothness of her skin, the soft roundness of her breasts, her inviting yoni…..

She is both terrifying and enticing.

Meeting the inner beloved

Discover the ecstasy of inner union between your masculine and feminine aspects. A weekend retreat with Nick Hudis and Kalyani Ma Mukti. April 2020.

Through her, I encounter my own inner feminine aspect in all her power and majesty

Through her, I encounter my own inner feminine aspect in all her power and majesty. She, the divine feminine, my inner feminine, challenges my masculine aspect. She calls for him to rise (perhaps literally!) and meet her in his full power and majesty.

The promise, the invitation is towards the awakening of inner union, the wholeness that we experience when we fully embody both our masculine and feminine aspects, the bliss that arises when feminine and masculine - in fact all and any polarity - dissolves into non-duality.  The eroticism of this image is, in reality, the ecstasy of being like her, totally alive, totally open, totally present, totally in our power.

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Who Am I?

I am Nicholas Hudis an author and mentor dedicated to the path of self-cultivation. After 25 years  as a therapist/coach, I see that the need is not for therapy but for cultivating the skill to live wisely, ethically and purposefully.  I am no "sage" but the wisdom of Confucius, the Buddha and the Stoic philosophers guides me on a daily basis. My desire is to share this inspiration, through my writings and personal mentoring, and make a difference to your life too.

Nicholas Hudis

  • February 2, 2020

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