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1:1 sessions, workshops and writings​

One to One Sessions

You can work with me one to one from anywhere in the world via an internet connection. This sessions are for men committed to bringing positive change into their lives and into the world. You can work on a specific issue or seek ongoing mentorship.

Typical themes that men work with me on include:

Masculine Soulwork - Embracing authentic masculinity, Finding your life mission, overcoming shame, depression, anxiety etc.

Relationship skills - Acknowledging needs and feelings, non-violent communication, dealing with conflict and separation.

Sexual issues - Overcoming sexual problems such as premature ejaculation, performance anxiety and confidence, becoming a better lover, embracing sacred sexuality and tantra.

Health issues - Male menopause/andropause, erectile dysfunction, prostate problems, infertility, hormone balance

My approach, which I call Action Centred Training (ACT), is a blend of counselling and coaching rooted in Oriental philosophies and health arts and refine by my twenty five years as a therapist. ACT is a challenging, inspiring approach to real world living that helps men navigate their inner and outer worlds through skillful, purposeful, responsible action.

If you are interested in one to one work with me. The next step is to arrange a short free online chat to get to know each other and set out an action plan.  You can arrange this session by clicking here.


​My workshops are about men coming together to celebrate and deepen our journey as Heart Warriors. Expect a supportive but challenging experience in which you gain wisdom, learn new life skills and share brotherhood.  Each workshop will be a rich mix of group work, self-reflection, practical skill learning, meditative practices, movement, story telling and more.

Forthcoming workshops

Healing the father wound
Healingthe father wound

​Absent fathers, bullying fathers, so many of us carry a wound. It's time to heal, become a good parent to your inner little boy and tap into the nourishment of the deep masculine.

Yorkshire, date to be confirmed.​

Meet your shadow

You have a light side and a shadow side.  Everything about us that we don't accept, or are told is bad gets hidden in shadow and with it so much of our natural power.

It's time to be whole. 

Yorkshire, Date to be confirmed​

The way of the master lover

The key to unlocking the sexual power of the Scared Masculine is the skill of drawing sexual energy up into the heart  rather than losing it in ejaculation. The Taoists called this skill "sexual kungfu" or sexual mastery. This workshop shows you how.

France, June 2018 details to be confirmed

Past workshops

Loving you loving me

A workshop for couples to deepen into intimacy co-facilitated with Kalyani Ma Mukti.

Likely to be re-run late 2018​

Wild man - holy man

The masculine dilemma. On the one hand, the higher calling to be like the God Shiva.

​On the other hand, our darker side: the earthy wild man.

In this workshop we we find the underlying wholeness that unifies wold man and holy man.​

Dragon rising - sacred sexuality for men

Have you glimpsed something transcendental in sex but not known how to get there?

​On this workshop you will learn the fundamental techniques of sexual alchemy, the science of circulating and transforming masculine sexual energy to empower you as a lover….and, as a man in the fullest sense.


My book, How to Last Longer In Bed - A Practical Approach for Men to Radically Transform their Love Making is available through Amazon. This book is aimed at men seeking to overcome premature ejaculation and also any man who simply wants to enjoy a more satisfying and intimate love life.  As well as practical techniques, the book introduces many fundamental principles from Taoist and Tantric sacred sexuality.

My other books, Sit Breathe, a Nuts and Bolts Guide to Mastering Meditation and How to Make Love to a Woman with your Soul will be available soon.​

I blog extensively and post regularly on Facebook.  You can find my blog here, and my Facebook page here

How to Last Longer In Bed - new book to beat premature ejaculation

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