What's the next step?

​1:1 Coaching with Nick

​Are you struggling to find yourself as a man?

Perhaps it feels like midlife crisis... wanting to regain your sense of purpose, your masculine edge, your physical vitality and virility?

Perhaps it's an early life crisis... wanting to find your way in the world and know what it is to be a man?​

​Or are you struggling with a sexual problem: erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, frustration, the shame of porn addiction, fear of intimacy?

​Or navigating relationship challenges: separation, affairs, divorce, family conflict, marriages which have gone stale and lost intimacy?

​Or you glimpse something transcendental in sex and don't know how to get there, or you simply want to be a better lover?

Or you want to be a better man living from inner strength and calm rather than fear, anger or confusion?​

You need someone to cut through the confusion, give clear advice and stand by your side

This is a time when you need help. A time when you need a mentor who can listen to you and help you make sense of what is going on and a coach who can show you the way forward and keep you on track. Someone who can cut through the confusion, give clear advice, stand by your side when the going gets tough.  Someone you can trust not just because they are qualified and experienced, but because they are a man like you and they've gone the distance themselves.

You won't get that on Google.  You won't get it from books.  You won't get it by trying to figure it out in your head.

However, this high level of support is exactly what I offer through my 1:1 coaching programmes.

​I'm here to help you rise to the difficult and sometimes embarrassing challenges life throws at you. Holding the centre ground between life coach, natural health consultant and sexuality coach, I have the tools to help you through and will support you with a personally tailored 1:1 three month programme delivered either online or face to face. Above all I'm passionate about bringing men into the fullness of their power.

Feeling Like A New Man

The best advice you gave me was not to give up on myself. I'd swallowed everything my GP had said and basically thought "Well, that's it." So I got off drugs, started exercising, eating well and three months later I was beginning to feel like a new man.

...and the relationship advice was good too. Sheila and I are beginning to rediscover each other. Our love life is different to when we were younger but deeply fulfilling for both of us.

John IT Manager

But it can be hard to ask for help

But I know that it can be hard to ask for help. We men have a lot of baggage that says it is weak and unmanly to ask for help. The boy hero inside us wants to feel invincible, and he throws a tantrum or sulks when life shows us we are only human.

I used to be worse than most. I thought I could do everything myself. I'd waste hours under the sink with a spanner and swear at my partner when she asked "couldn't you just phone a plumber?"

For more serious personal things, like when sex started to go wrong in that relationship, it was ostrich time... head in the sand... denial.

The turning point for me was not simply realising that in my mid 40s I was a mess.  The actual turning point was reaching out for help.

Now I have a business coach, a voice coach, a tantric mentor, a spiritual teacher etc... and a plumber!

So I want to make it easier

Come on a free call with me.  You've nothing to loose, and this could be the turning point. I call these sessions Breakthrough Sessions, because we are looking for exactly that... the breakthrough you need.

Here is how it works.

Click on the button, arrange a time to suit. We'll get connected and have a confidential conversation. It'll feel good to get stuff off your chest, be heard and ask the questions you need to ask.  Together we can explore:

  • ​what it is that you want in your life that is not happening now
  • Where you are getting stuck and what is stopping you
  • what is going to have to happen for things to change

Above all, you have the reassurance of receiving confidential, professional expert advice. There will be no catches and no pressure from me. We can take a full hour and really go into stuff, or if that feels a step to far, just chat for a few minutes.

​This is not about selling you something  It's about getting clear on what you need to do.  If I feel a 1:1 coaching programme with me is the right the solution for you, I'll tell you more so you can decide if this is the way forward.

Life Changing

Thanks Nick, that was a great session. I thought it would be awkward talking about this kind of stuff, but you put me at my ease completely. I'm a bit in awe of your knowledge too. I see clearly now where I've come unstuck and I'm looking forward to getting back on track. This feels life changing.

Charlie Small Business Owner

Is this right for me?

These sessions are valuable -  it's up to a full hour of our time.  I only  make a limited number available each week.  A FREE Breakthrough Session is right for you if:

  • You are fed up and frustrated by the issues you are facing
  • You've not found answers
  • You are strongly motivated to transform your life
  • You are looking for a real solution, not a quick fix
  • You are ready to put yourself first and commit time and resources to your personal growth and wellbeing
Why you can trust me
First, I'm qualified....
  • I'm trained in herbalism, nutrition, bodywork, hypnotherapy and NLP coaching.
  • I've studied sexual healing and tantra in depth with leading teachers.
  • I am an instructor in two martial arts lineages
Then I'm experienced....
  • I've been in this game over 20 years.
  • I've helped hundreds of clients.
  • I've taught health subjects at Masters degree level.
  • I've pretty much seen and heard it all.
  • I've met and overcome challenges throughout my life.

What the experts are saying

Deborah Anapol Clinical Psychologist, author of Love Without Limits

Unique Skills

Nick Has a unique combination of skills, insights and experience that makes his work very special.

Ferris Jerjis Director, Heaton Acupuncture Clinic, specialist in natural fertility treatment

Authority on Natural Health For Men

Nick is an authority on natural health for men. I have no hesitation about referring to him clients with sperm issues, low testosterone or other male problems.

Shakti Malan Internationally renowned teacher and author on tantra and conscious sexuality

Awesome Work With Men

Your work with men is awesome! Gee, you are a natural at this. The work you do with your clients is very fine. You feel people deeply.

Alan Heeks Author and founder of the Men Beyond 50 Network

Excellent Natural Health Coach

In a recent consultation with excellent natural health coach Nick Hudis, who specialises in the health issues of older men, I described myself as having low energy, moral and libido. Nick gently observed, “Sounds like low testosterone: nothing’s exciting any more?” Nick went on to say “This is why it’s so important for older men to have a sense of purpose. Otherwise they become couch potatoes.”

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