Four simple steps to combat male infertility and increase sperm count and quality - Nick Hudis

Four simple steps to boost sperm count and quality

and combat male infertility

75% of men are now diagnosable with male infertility

I heard on Woman’s Hour this week (essential listening for a man!) that medics consider that 75% of men are now sub fertile. 75%!!! They seem to be suggesting that poor sperm quality is increasingly an issue alongside low sperm count. I’ve been helping men with male infertility for the past fifteen years or so and this matches my experience – low sperm motility and poor sperm morphology are growing problems.

From a Natural Virility point of view the two biggest steps a man can take to combat male infertility are to adopt the Natural Virility Diet (there is a link to my FREE online course at the end of this article)  and cut down alcohol consumption to less than a couple of times a week with no binge drinking.
Here are four other simple steps you can do now to help your testicles function better and increase sperm count and quality.

1. Keep your phone, tablet and laptop away from your body

Alĺ these small electronic devices emit radiation and there is growing concern that even these low levels of radiation may be harmful and may damage sperm or reduce sperm count. My advice is definitely keep them away from your groin area… trouser pockets, working with tablet on your lap etc, and preferably off your body altogether. I would recommend this to all men but especially to men with male infertility problems. Last year I bought a man bag to keep my smart phone in. I’d always had the feeling they were an affectation. Now I wonder how I lived without one.

2. Ice your balls

No I'm not kidding! This is an old Russian weight lifter’s trick to increase testosterone. It also may be beneficial for male infertility, and is often recommended where male sub- fertility is related to a varicocele (a varicose vein on the testicles – up to 40% of sub fertile men may have one. Ironically icing actually increases local blood flowand may enhance testicular function. Sperm need to be slightly cooler than overall body temperature too, and this is often advocated as the reason for icing the testicles.

Use a small gel back or a bag of peas. Cover it with a flannel or face cloth and apply for 20 minutes twice a day. always use a cloth. Never apply the ice direct to the scrotum.

3. Avoid products with hormone disrupting chemicals

Many supposedly approved “safe” chemicals are hormone disruptors. Most fall into a categroy called zeno-estrogens and mimic the effects of the female hormone estrogen and bind to testosterone receptors in the body, effectively disabling them. No testosterone = no sperm. Long term exposure to these zeno-estrogens may lead to male infertility. Rather than listing the chemicals and what they do, I’m just going to list suspect products that you need to be careful with.

Personal care products (hair and skin stuff) unless they are all natural and organic. Look at the ingredients list and if it has the word “parabens” or any word ending in “paraben” avoid it. Parabens are feminising hormone disruptors.

Household products, paints, solvents, adhesives etc that contain volatile chemicals. Many of these contain hormone disruptors.

Canned food and drink. Cans are usually lined with Bisphenol-A, a chemical which has a strong feminising effect.

Plastic food packaging and containers – drinks bottles, storage boxes etc. Plastics contain Phytates, chemicals which make the plastic flexible, which are potent hormone disruptors. Use glass, ceramic or unlined metal instead.

Avoiding such products is not easy in today’s world, but you can at least reduce your exposure.

While we are on the subject, if you are already a father with young sons, it is particularly important to keep them away from hormone disrupting chemicals. My feeling is that pre-pubescent exposure may cause permanent damage to a growing boy’s virility potential and sow the seeds for male infertility problems later in life.

4. Massage your balls

This is an ancient Chinese masculine health discipline. All my qigong and martial arts teachers have recommended it as a way to increase sexual energy. Testicular massage is one of the foundation practices of Natural Virility and Sexual Alchemy because it increases testicular function. I recommend testicular massage to all my clients with male infertility. I haven’t seen any research on this but my subjective experience is that it increases semen volume. My belief is that it will enhance sperm count, sperm motility and sperm morphology.

Here is a simplified version. Hold your balls between your thumb and first two fingers and rub in small circles 100 times. The pressure should be enough to cause a slight achy feeling but within your comfort zone. Then tap the balls with your finger tips 100 times again just hard enough that you feel a slight ache. Do this daily.

Boost your sperm in three to six months

I’ve worked with a lot of sub fertile men and almost always see good results with increases is sperm count and better sperm motility and morphology in a three to six month timescale. If you are having male infertility issues whether low sperm count, low sperm motility or poor sperm morphology I offer a comprehensive Sperm Boost Programme including herbal remedies, diet, exercise and lifestyle.  The first step would be for us to have a short chat via Skype or Zoom.  Click here to set up a FREE, no obligation meeting to talk about this.

If you are actively trying to conceive but do not have a diagnosed male infertility issue , I also suggest you follow these recommendations. It is good to do all you can to enhance your sperm count, sperm morphology and sperm motility and to improve semen quality.


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