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Once into porn, always…?

​How To Be Porn FreeUncovering the real cause of porn addiction​ ​Do you want to be free from porn?I’ve been actually been watching porn this week!  No, not for kicks, but researching an article exploring the phenomenon of the porn industry.It’s been interesting to observe how ultimately boring and empty I find even so called […]

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Mindful Masturbation

Mindful MasturbationHow to turn your “habit” into a meditation We all do it, or feel the desire to do it. Sex therapists tells us it’s a source of pleasure and self-discovery. Yet Victorian ideas that it is debasing, unhealthy and immoral, lurks under these permissive attitudes. For most men there is still shame and secrecy around masturbation. […]

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Men, Eros, Ecstasy and Intimacy

​Men, Eros, Intimacy and Ecstacy​Passion in a distinctly masculine package ​As a man, you possess a powerful primal masculine quality that is often overlooked and even demonised. We are talking about Eros, the masculine expression of desire, love and passion.​When we think Masculine we tend to think “Warrior”: Strong, direct, determined, purposeful, controlled, autonomous. If […]

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