Nick Hudis

Mentor to men

One to one sessions, workshops and writings for "Heart Warriors" - men who want to overcome the big challenges:- live skillful, purposeful lives, be great partners and lovers and respect and care for the male body. Click below to find out about my offerings.

I Found A New Girl Friend

Working with Nick was inspiring and life-changing. Daoist and Tantric traditions, Eastern herbal knowledge, up-to-date biochemistry - Nick knows it all, communicating it in a clear, accessible manner, plus breathing exercises and energy work. Fantastic!

Immediately afterwards I went on a singing workshop and came away with a new girlfriend. I credit Nick's approach.

James , Muscian

Free From Porn

I was going crazy with porn. Just out of control. You showed me how I was trying to numb out old emotional scars. I've learned how move on and overwrite my self-destructive habits with positive ones. I can't tell you how grateful I am.

Raj , University Professor

She was blown away

Thank you for that coaching programme Nick. As you know, my woman is very feisty and demanding and I’ve been feeling my confidence slipping away because I felt I couldn't satisfy her. However, the next time we were intimate, I was able to apply some of the basic things that you taught me. She was, well, blown away. Afterwards she kept asking “What the hell has happened to you? You are like a new man!” I’m going to stick with this because it is opening up a whole new world. This stuff ought to be taught in school!

Martyn , Doctor

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